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For information on all events, please email: Club Captain

Events with a heading in red italics are not organised by the DSOA but are sanctioned runs. This will enable club plated cars to attend.

15th January 2018 DatChat Deadline
20th January 2018 Brooklyn Run
Start time: 7:00pm
Start venue: Mt. Colah Maccas
Contact: Haydn Gooch 0400 009-779
RSVP 16th January to reserve table bookings.
18th February 2018 Pearl Beach Run
Start time: 8:15am departing 8:30am
Start venue: Mt. Colah Maccas
Contact: Andre Breit 0435 020-111
RSVP 9th Feb to reserve table bookings.
21st February 2018 Annual General Meeting
Meet time: 7:00pm
Start venue: Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club
Hawkes Room
117 Ryedale Rd., West Ryde
Contact: Matt Wood 0418 263-295
Join us for dinner in the bistro prior to the meeting.
15th March 2018 DatChat Deadline
23rd-26th March 2018 DSOA-NSW Nationals Port Macquarie
20th May 2018 Claude's Escapade
Start time: 10:30am
Start venue: Pie In The Sky Cafe
Contact: Claude Movia 0418 622-870
RSVP 13th May for Pub reservations.
7th October 2018 Barry's Run
Start time: TBA
Start venue: TBA
Contact: Barry Courtney 0432 886-311

For information on all events, please email: Club Captain